From complete beginner to tango instructor-in-training, Tango Mercurio's comprehensive Argentine tango dance curriculum guides students on their journey as individual dancers or teachers embedded in a broader community of dancers and organizers.  Technical skill—preparation, connection, vocabulary, expression—and an understanding of the music are fundamental to this process.

Because Argentine tango is a social experience, along with dance technique, we teach our students social etiquette—how to ask for a dance, how to navigate the dance floor, how to understand the nonverbal communication that happens with your partner, and more.  After every beginner series, our instructors take new dancers on field trips to ease them into their first experiences of the milonga, the social events where Argentine Tango is danced.

We offer a variety of class types from drop-in, to more progressive 6 week courses and weekend "boot camps" to suit various needs and schedules. Please see our detailed class descriptions page, our level assessment page and our class schedule to get started with us. If you are completely new to Argentine tango, please visit our beginner’s page. Instructors may be approached either directly about private instruction or contacted via our help desk at

If you have any questions about Mercurio's Dance Education Program, please contact Aja Fenn, our Dance Education Program Manager and Artistic Director.