Our Live Music Program is undergoing a significant restructuring, with a shift in our focus to music education and plans to partner with professional musicians in the Washington, DC area and beyond.

Our first step in this new approach will be to consult with various tango music stakeholders in the region over the next few months. If you would like to submit any ideas or suggestions, please email flora@tangomercurio.org.

 Tango Mercurio Community Orchestra (2009-2019)

As part of its mission to promote community building through the performance of live music by volunteer musicians, Tango Mercurio supported the Tango Mercurio Community Orchestra from 2009 to 2019. The Orchestra  sought to revitalize  the  folk  tradition  of  tango  music  as  a  live  accompaniment  for  social  dance. Consisting of 12 volunteer musicians, the Orchestra was considered a traditional tango band and played Golden Age music at milongas (tango dance parties) around the region.

Due to ongoing financial difficulties, the Orchestra could no longer continue its operations as structured under Tango Mercurio. But it will continue to entertain the local dance community independently as the DC Tango Orchestra.