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Sharna Fabiano - May 2015

All About Adornments (all-levels)

This lively and thorough 3-hour workshop will provide you with an extensive collection of charming, playful, provocative, and sneaky decorations, each mapped to an actual location in the dance where it might most naturally occur (some adornments fit nicely into the curve of an ocho, while others shine most brightly in the moment of a parada). We'll explore rhythmic adornments as well as lyrical or melodic ones. Our time will begin and end with conscious warm-ups and stretches for feet, legs, and core muscles to prepare and care for dynamic energetic dancing and decorating. A combination of solo drills and partnered exercises will give us a variety of ways to practice and refine the material. Bring a towel and a tennis ball if you have one!

Sunday, September 28

3 PM - 6 PM

Part 1. Milonga Traspié

Upbeat and lively, this workshop explores "hesitations," "rewinds," "stumbles," and other rhythmic variations that fall often under the umbrella term "traspié." Leaders get lots of practical take-aways for small space dancing. Followers build strength, speed, and control for playful, musical dances.

Part 2. Advanced Close Embrace Tango

Sweetly complex, material in this workshop is directed toward the seasoned social dancer. Spiraling combinations of sacadas, boleos, calecitas, and decorative elements will challenge your improvisational skills and refine your alignment and technique.


Balance Gym Downtown, 1339 Green Court NW, Washington, DC (3d floor)


Tango Community: $100 for the weekend, $55 for one day, $30 for 1 workshop (Sunday only)

Full-time students (with valid ID) and seniors (over 65): $65 for the weekend, $35 for one day, $20 for 1 workshop (Sunday only)

About Sharna:

Sharna's tango training began in 1997 when she received her first lesson from a fellow beginner: "Give me a hug; hold my hand; now we walk..." In the years that followed, Sharna made six journeys to Buenos Aires and studied tango from some of the greatest names in the modern Tango Renaissance: Daniel Trenner, Rebecca Shulman, Brigitta Winkler, Juan Bruno, Pedro "Tete" Rusconi, Nito and Elba Garcia, Esther, Mingo, and Pablo Pugliese, Omar Vega, Graciela Gonzalez, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Fabian Salas, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, and Pablo Veron, among others. She has taught internationally and throughout the United States for over 15 years, and is co-director of the annual Women's Tango Retreat near Portland, Oregon.

Sharna lived in Washington, DC from 2002-2011 and is founder of Tango Mercurio and the ESL Milonga. During that time she also performed as a member of TangoMujer dance company (2003-2006) and directed three of her own productions locally. In 2011 she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an MFA in Dance Choreography. Post-degree, she is now working toward a yoga teaching certification with Amy Lombardo and designing a series of professional development seminars for emerging tango teachers.

Please visit her website for more information:

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