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Momo Smitt - March 2016

Momo is based in Portland, OR, and is an Argentine Tango dancer, instructor, DJ, and all-around enthusiast. Focusing on musicality and connection, he dedicates every day to deepening his understanding of tango through his studies and through his students. Constantly on the road, Momo has traveled to over 50 tango festivals across the US and Canada in the last three years alone. In the moments when he isn't social dancing or teaching, you'll find him locked up in the recording studio, expressing his love for tango through his original music, dubbed affectionately by listeners as "Tango Rap". Momo independently released "Tango World" his debut tango rap album (and ninth album overall) in February of 2011, and due to the unique concept and genuine passion contained in the album, it has enjoyed international success. In November of 2012, Momo co-organized, taught, DJed and rapped at "Connect2012," a weekend-long Tango Festival in Ashland, OR. Every workshop was centered around connection and musicality, and the milongas magically expressed the shared intentions of all the dancers to spend a weekend exploring enhanced connections between partners and orchestras alike. To learn more about Momo please visit his website.

Big thank you to Ramu Pyreddy and Marathon Z for bringing this talented artist to Washington, DC.

Tuesday Class with Momo at ESL

Momo Smitt will teach the pre-milonga class at the 18th Street Lounge on March 15th.

Class time: 8-9 PM

Class level: Intermediate.

Class description:  "Waiting and Listening" - Using Compression and Grounding to Change your Turns.

Price: $15 for all, $10 for students


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