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Korey Ireland - September 2016

Korey Ireland is a professional composer turned tango-addict. He brings a lifetime of musical experience and an unquenchable thirst for tango to his teaching. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, Korey has spent the better part of the last 15 years traveling and teaching tango in the U.S., England, Holland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Kenya, Poland and Argentina, sharing his passion for tango, music, expression, and connection.  In recent years, this mission has grown to include work with aspiring tango musicians at festivalthroughout North America and Europe to create live music for dancers.  In 2009 he led the “Monster Orchestra” of Tango de los Muertos resulting in a live CD of his arrangements and transcriptions.  This project led to the birth of the Community Tango Orchestra project, which in its 6th year now includes about a dozen ensembles throughout the US and Europe dedicated to nurturing the tradition of golden age tango for dancers and musicians. 

Korey's Schedule in Washington DC

Tuesday September 6th:

Tango Elements, before 18th Street Lounge Milonga
Class level: Intermediate
Class time: 8-9 PM
Price: $15 (No pre-registration required)
Venue: The 18th Street Lounge 1212, 18th St. NW Washington, DC

Friday September 9th:

Tango Artistry, before Milonga de Luz
Class level: Advanced *COUPLES ONLY*
Class time: 8-9:30 PM
Price: $20 drop in or use your Mercurio class package (No pre-registration required)
Venue: John Wesley Church, 1615 14th St Washington, DC

Weekend Workshops

These weekend workshops draw from material developed as part of Korey's "Musical Insights for Tango Dancers" seminar series in Berlin. The full series includes over 26 hours of material on a wide range of musical topics. Dancers discover tango music through a mix of movement exercises, score analysis, live and specially recorded music examples, video, animation and games. The workshop series in Berlin has developed an excellent reputation and for more than two years been consistently sold out, often with substantial waiting lists. This work is being offered for the first time in Washington DC.

Saturday September 10th:

1) Tango recipes - basic ingredients and essential flavors

We explore what makes a tango work from a musical and dance perspective and open up new resources for experiencing and interpreting tango music as a dancer. In each of these classes we will work with material and ideas that are equally important for leaders and followers alike.

2) Quality of motion, musical dynamics

Beyond rhythm and melody, tango music employs a variety of articulations and arrangement textures that offer nuance and variety for dancers. Here we delve deep into the music and model dance interpretations to discover rich resources for our own dance.

Sunday September 11th:

3) Layered musicality and partner dialog

Golden Era Tango Music often employs multiple/contrasting elements at the same time. How to recognize and integrate these layers in the dance partnership is the focus of this workshop. We will train both roles and develop our sensitivity not just to the music that we hear, but also the music that we feel in our partners dance.

4) Motif and Repetition

Development of repeating motifs is both a fundamental principle, and a particular flavor/effect in many of tango's most famous dance hits. In this workshop we will study and play musical motifs as a resource for shaping our leading and following. We will look at inspiring examples from a variety of dance styles and develop our own interpretations of classic tango motifs.

All WORKSHOPS will be held at Balance Gym Foggy Bottom (2401 M St NW, mezzanine level of Fairmont Hotel)

Regular pricing: $100 for the weekend, $55 for one day, $30 for 1 workshop.
Full-time students (with valid ID) and seniors (over 65): $65 for the weekend, $35 for one day, $20 for 1 workshop.

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