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Sharna Fabiano


Tango Mercurio's founder, Sharna Fabiano, is back in DC with a brand new program, a provocative (somewhat serious, but not too serious) exploration of the tango mind and body.

Tango Conversations

From Sharna:

We invest a lot of our time into the technical, musical, and connective aspects of our dancing, but our inner dialogues, and our diverse ways of seeing the world and ourselves, also influence our ability to connect skillfullly and to dance at our full potential.

This workshop aligns tango with the journeys of personal empowerment and social inclusion by questioning the meaning of inherited terms such as “leading and following,” "man's role and woman's role," or even “masculinity and femininity.” 

We use these terms all the time, but how do they actually help us to embody the tango? How might they be getting in our way? What’s the difference between being a “supportive” vs an “obedient” follower? Between a “clear” vs a “controlling” leader? And how can we use these subtle but important differences to guide ourselves more effectively toward sophisticated, creative conversations on (and potentially off) the dance floor?

Saturday, December 2
(attend one session only)
10am-1pm: Leading for Women
2-5pm: Following for Men

Sunday, December 3
2-5pm: Creative Dialogue (Everyone)

On Saturday, you’ll refine your skills in your less familiar role (leading for women and following for men) within tango’s classic vocabulary of crosses, turns and ochos. You'll receive detailed individual feedback, and participate in a frank and honest discussion of social dancing with members of your own gender.

On Sunday, you’ll return to your familiar role to explore specific strategies for elevating creative dialogue. Work with more advanced vocabulary such as boleos, sacadas, and paradas, and learn how to shift musical interpretation, quality of movement, and navigation in conversation with a partner. You'll also participate in a guided discussion of tango community.

Participation is limited to 10 men and 10 women (must attend both days). Intermediate experience in one role is required. Prior training in your secondary or less-familiar role is recommended but not necessary. Note to women: bring flat or low-heeled shoes.

$120 after Nov 20
Email us with any questions.

Phil Jones's Studio in Tacoma Park

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