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Brigitta Winkler - January 2016

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The internationally renowned Brigitta Winkler comes to Washington DC in January 2016! Mark your calendars, everyone.


Brigitta is one of the FIRST teachers of Argentine Tango in Europe AND North America in this current tango revival period. She discovered tango in 1980. In Buenos Aires, she worked with legendary dancers, including Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Gustavo Naveira and Eduardo Arquimbau. Brigitta co-founded the highly respected Tanzart studio in Berlin in 1987, the internationally acclaimed performance company Tango Mujer in 1996, and co-created the Teacher Training Network with Tomás Howlin in 2008. In between world travels, Brigitta teaches regularly in NYC and PHYNIXtanzt in Berlin.

Brigitta combines over 30 years of international experience in tango dance, instruction and performance with techniques of Body Mind Centering. She is an equally gifted resource for both close embrace and open style tango. Her workshops are insightful, creative, and incredibly fun!  
(See Brigitta's web site for more information)


Thursday, January 7th: Tango Mercurio's intermediate level "Tango Improvisation" class 1.5 hours, 8-9:30 PM at Balance Gym Foggy Bottom

Saturday, January 9th: 2 workshops, mixed level, 1.5 hours each, 2-5 PM at Balance Gym Downtown

Sunday, January 10th: 2 workshops, mixed level, 1.5 hours each, 2-5 PM at Balance Gym Downtown

Monday, January 11th: A pre-milonga class at Milonga Zandunga, intermediate level, 8-9 PM


Saturday workshops:

2-3:30 PM: Shared ochos: turns and swirls. Traditional, useful and sweet (Int Level)

3:30-5 PM: Musical moves in an intimate embrace (Int Level)

Sunday workshops:

2-3:30 PM Entre las mujeres (this workshop is for WOMEN ONLY): Special practice for women to explore the difference and the interconnectedness of roles. Work your shadow. Shine in your strength. (All levels)

3:30-5 PM: Extraordinary every day moves (Adv level)

Later Event: March 8
Dominic Bridge - March 2016