Tango therapy - For many Parkinson's patients, the dance seems to help mobility

Tango Therapy video - A video documenting tango being taught to Parkinson's patients at the University of St. Louis. This and other articles on youtube demonstrate how Tango is being used therapeutically to improve balance, coordination and posture in Parkinsons patients.

Tango Therapy podcast - Psychologists and physical therapists believe learning to tango can help people suffering from Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease, and depression. Richard Reynolds finds out more at the first International Conference on Tango Therapy.

Patients embrace Argentine tango as new therapy - On the fourth floor of Buenos Aires' largest psychiatric hospital, patients dance the tango with doctors and nurses. The therapeutic benefits of Tango for a Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital's patients is illustrated. The article also speaks of how doctors from Italy use tango in their marriage counseling workshops and in Argentina and England they are utilizing tango for their Alzeimers and Parkinson Disease patients.

How the Tango could save your relationship - The therapeutic benefits of Tango are discussed in relation to a variety of psychological issues that it may be helpful for. Especially focuses on the lead and follow of Tango and how they involve the element of trust which can show up as a problem when a couple is dancing.

Exercise: Parkinson's Patients Benefit From Tango - Articles focus is on a 2005 Mcgill university study showing how older seniors can improve their mobility and balance with a regimen of Tango lessons. Tango movements which resemble a standard neurological therapy program improvedÊ balance, coordination and posture in seniors who have experienced age related Neurological deficits.

Doing the tango keeps the brain in step, too - A study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience adds to a growing body of evidence indicating that such challenging leisure activities as dancing, chess or even gardening may offer a boost in brainpower that could offset the declines that can come with old age.

Dancing keeps us young! - An article discussing research on the benefits of partner dancing for brain aging.