Find your perfect pair...

Good shoes take you to good places!

All of the shoes you see below are either brand-new or gently used tango shoes that are owned by the wonderful tangueras and tangueros in our community. These shoes are looking for a new home and a loving owner, who will take them out to dance often.

Brand new tango shoes can cost hundreds of dollars, so if you are:

- New to tango and want to try various brands
- Budget-savvy
- Committed to reducing waste, reusing and recycling

...this page is perfect for you! Browse the gallery below until something catches your eye. The shoes are sorted from smallest to largest size. 

If you wish to purchase any of the shoes below or if have any questions, please email us and we will happily connect you to the owner of the shoes. 
If you have new or used shoes that you wish to list here, also drop us a line

Women' Shoes

Men's Shoes