Veterans Outreach

Tango Mercurio will be launching our first ever program for Veterans in 2018-2019.
This free program will focus on such cornerstones of Argentine Tango as improvisation, creativity,  body movement and awareness and will introduce partner work and the basics of Tango music and history. 

We are in the midst of the active planning stage right now and we can use your help in order to make this come to fruition as soon as possible. We already have the curriculum ready for a 6 week series, but there are a few key milestones to hit. Here is how you can help!

  • Are you a veteran and wish to participate in our free Argentine Tango program?
  • Do you have a studio space suitable for classes?
  • Do you wish to donate money to our Veterans Program? (We are a 501(c)3 non-profit)
  • Do you wish to volunteer?

Please email us today and let's talk! 

We will post regular updates on this page, and here are some great resources on Veterans in Tango: