You've either never taken a class in Argentine tango before, or you've taken a handful of classes (4 or less).  This level is also recommend if you’ve taken a long break from dancing and would like to revisit the basics or if you've taken some tango classes but never with Tango Mercurio.

Advanced Beginner

You are an advanced beginner if you are comfortable with, and proficient at leading and following our Tango Initiation curriculum (see class descriptions).  Most people feel ready for the advanced beginner classes when they have completed the entire Tango Initiation curriculum (the 6 week series), or a combination of a Tango Initiation Weekend Bootcamp and the Tango Initiation 6 week series.  If you are unsure, ask your Mercurio instructor if you are ready for the classes at the advanced beginner level. 


This level is for dancers who have completed the Tango Essentials curriculum in both cross system and parallel system, and regularly attended the weekly guided practica; or for those who have been social dancing consistently for at least one year.  It’s important that you have both academic and experiential knowledge of the material taught at the advanced beginner level before embarking upon the intermediate level classes.  If unsure, ask a Mercurio instructor in one of our advanced beginner classes if you are ready for the classes at the intermediate level. 


The Tango Mercurio advanced level classes are for leaders and followers who have a solid grasp of the material taught at the Advanced Beginner level and a good understanding (but not necessarily mastery) of the concepts and skills taught in our intermediate level classes (see intermediate level class descriptions). *To attend one of the advanced classes you must come with a partner.

All levels

When a class or workshop is advertised as an “all levels” class, it means that there is something in it for everyone.  It will be structured in such a way that dancers of different skill level and experience can go as far as they feel comfortable with the different stages of material being presented.  To gain the most benefit from an all levels class it is recommended, though not required, that you attend with a partner of a similar level to yourself.