Tango Mercurio’s Board Seeks New Members

Tango Mercurio, a 501(c)(3) arts-education nonprofit organization, has openings for new Board members. More particularly, Tango Mercurio is looking for a treasurer and someone with marketing experience.

Candidates should share a passion for tango, appreciate the value of community building, and be willing to share their skills and wisdom to make the organization stronger.


Tango Mercurio needs you if:

●      You are passionate about Argentine tango as a vehicle for social change.
●      You have previously served on a nonprofit board and you are ready to bring your experience and insight to another organization.
●      You are excited about being part of a hard-working, collaborative, inclusive team.
●      You have the time and energy to spend 6-10 hours a month doing Board work, such as attending Board meetings, participating in committee work, being an ambassador for Tango Mercurio in your community, and participating in fundraising activities; and
●      You are prepared to learn new skills to succeed in this role.

We’re especially interested in talking with you if:
●      You have experience as a Treasurer or have a background in accounting or finance, or in graphic design, branding, and marketing; or
●     You are an experienced fundraiser and want to share your skills.

The Board meets 6-10 times a year, and Board members must attend all meetings, in person or remotely. They should expect to devote a total of 6-10 hours per month to the organization. All Board members are also expected to participate in fundraising activities and to make donations to the organization. Board members are elected for two-year terms and can serve up to two consecutive terms.

How to Apply

Send us an email at info@tangomercurio.com outlining your relevant experience and what contribution you can make to the organization, along with your resume, by October 15, 2021. Selected candidates will be interviewed by current Board members.

Our Mission

Tango Mercurio is a 501(c)(3) arts-education organization founded in 2008 to present the creative tango tradition as a way for individuals to find balance in their lives and discover the unique contributions they have to make in the world.

Tango Mercurio uses Argentine tango as an agent of community development. Because tango is a community-based art form with a global following, it embraces dancers, musicians, and the public at large. Our mission is to promote cultural understanding and social cohesion through Argentine tango by providing ongoing public opportunities for dance, music, learning, and community engagement.

Our Programs

We teach classes in Argentine tango, from complete beginner to teacher-in-training. We host events, where social dancers at all levels are treated to high-quality music and a welcoming atmosphere. We organize workshops for musicians and performances of live music for dancing and cultural education. And we connect the tango community to the broader community in the Washington, DC, area, by bringing dance, music, and culture to the public at large.

Education—Our comprehensive Argentine tango dance curriculum guides students on their journey as individual dancers or teachers embedded in a broader community of dancers and organizers. Technical skill—preparation, connection, vocabulary, expression—and an understanding of the music are fundamental to this process.

Events—A tango community is an association of tango dancers who attend social dances called “milongas” and informal practice gatherings called “prácticas.” For a tango community to grow and survive, dancers must have enjoyable dance experiences in a friendly environment. We host five to six milongas every month for alumni of the school and members of the tango community at large.

Music—Our Live Music Program seeks to revive the folk music tradition at the heart of tango. We promote community building through music education and live performances, in partnership with professional musicians.

Outreach—Our Outreach Program connects generations and reaches populations that would otherwise not be exposed to tango, such as older adults, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and underprivileged youth. We provide public performances and tango instruction, in some cases free of charge.