COVID Policy Update

Covid-19 Policy Update

In keeping with our mission to promote growth of tango in the DC community and as organizers of social events, we have been adhering to local protocols regarding Covid-19. We want to make our tango classes and events as inclusive as possible, and at the same time provide a safe space for all community members to enjoy them.

Accordingly, we have adopted a policy that acknowledges our overall goals for inclusiveness, safety and enjoyment, based on the following key facts:

• Current vaccinations, along with the latest recommended boosters, combined with mask wearing in social settings, provides the best levels of protection from transmission and severe illness.

• Most people in the community already have some form of immunity, from either vaccination or infection.

• Severe cases are decreasing in number, and there is more effective medication to treat any severe cases, substantially reducing risk levels for most of us.

• Covid-19 in some form will add a small but acceptable risk to social gatherings of all types.

• Transmission and risk levels are routinely assessed by federal, state and local health agencies. Tango Mercurio may make adjustments to its policy based on any significant increases in reported transmission rates or risk levels.

As a result, Tango Mercurio currently allows participation in our classes and events without recording or tracking the vaccination status of any participants.

We encourage, but do not require, participants to wear masks at our events if they so choose. When a masked person requests or accepts a dance, please respect the masked dancer’s choice and be prepared to wear a mask yourself, if requested.

We reserve the right to adjust this policy as conditions regarding Covid-19 continue to change, particularly with respect to transmission and risk levels, as determined by federal, state and local health agencies. We will also respect policies and limitations put in place by the facilities where Tango Mercurio classes and events are held and will publish any location-specific policies in our event announcements.

Should we deem it necessary to change this policy, including requiring tests, proof of vaccination, mask-wearing, or any other safety measures based on the situation at the time of the event, all attendees must adhere to those protocols. Tango Mercurio will make every attempt to announce any changes to our policy or protocols for specific events in a timely manner.

By participating in Tango Mercurio events, participants agree to abide by Covid-19–related polices as determined by Tango Mercurio at the time of the event.

Thank you for understanding and helping to keep our community safe. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Tango Mercurio