Who We Are

Mercury, or Mercurio, is an ancient symbol of connection. Tango Mercurio is about embracing the experience of Argentine tango, where dancers embrace across identity, class, and generational boundaries. Through our ongoing tango class series, special events and community outreach programs, we work to build community using Argentine tango as a vehicle.

Our mission is to promote cultural understanding and social cohesion through Argentine tango by providing ongoing public opportunities for dance, music, learning, and community engagement.

Our goal is to present the traditions of Argentine tango as a way for individuals to find balance in their lives and discover the unique contributions they have to make in the world through creative expression in social dance.

Dan Scheuch | Board President

Dan Scheuch is third-generation native of the Washington DC area. He first stepped into dance as a college student in Asheville, North Carolina, where authentic bluegrass and old-time music rang from the hills. There, he also began grassroots organizing, working with community-based environmental organizations and one of the nation’s first small business incubators.

Dan’s days in Asheville imparted a love of dance and the connections with others he made through it. This led him to his first Tango classes in 2007, and he has been active in our community ever since, learning from the many great maestros who have contributed to the DC tango scene. Dan is a graduate of Tango Mercurio’s teacher training program, and, as a Board member, looks forward to ways to grow and strengthen our Tango community.