Corporate Workshop at 2U

Photo by Eddie Arrossi

Photo by Eddie Arrossi

January 15, 2020

On January 15, Tango Mercurio held its first Queer Tango Corporate workshop at 2U, a technology company that powers online higher education programs. The class took place at 2U’s headquarters in Lanham, Maryland and was made possible thanks to their queer employee group, 2Q. Queer Tango instructors Olga Liapis-Muzzy and Yiannis Markakis taught a group of 20 participants. The class had a high energy and the participants were giggly and loud—a sure sign that they were having a great time!

Our Queer Tango Program seeks to create a safe, inclusive space for people to dance whatever role(s) they like with whomever they like. It welcomes and supports all sexual identities and orientations and encourages the study of both roles and role-switching.

Does your workplace have a queer employee group? If so, you might want to let them know about our Corporate Queer Tango Workshop, a great addition to a company’s diversity and inclusion program. For more info, write to us at