We're so glad you've decided to give Argentine tango a try! Social tango is different from the tango you might have seen in performances or competitions — more dramatic genres that are variously called stage, show, or ballroom tango, depending on the particular tradition. Unlike these genres, Argentine tango, sometimes called social tango or "tango salon", is danced for enjoyment, not for an audience.  It is often compared to speaking a language because the dance unfolds like a conversation one could never have predicted given that it’s improvised from one moment to the next.  When social tango is performed, it is typically done so in this raw improvised form.  Another wonderful thing about tango is that people of all ages, backgrounds, learning paces and styles can dance it.  It has often been said: “If you can walk, you can dance tango”.

The Washington, DC, area has a lot of great Argentine Tango instructors and organizers, with an assortment of opportunities to dance, learn, or listen to tango music every night of the week. A great group of volunteers called the Capital Tangueros (not associated with Tango Mercurio) maintains a full calendar of events. Everybody learns differently so we strongly encourage you to take a look at the Capital Tangueros and explore as much of the DC tango community as you can.

Like other tango event organizers in the area, Tango Mercurio teaches classes, hosts milongas and practicas, and performs live music, but, as a not-for-profit arts-education organization, we also offer volunteer opportunities to serve the broader community. If you're just beginning to take lessons, we have a weekly Tango Taster class downtown and various courses for complete beginners offered as either a 6 week series or a 6 hour Weekend Bootcamp. Private Lessons are another great way to learn, please visit this page for more details.

Tuesday Tango Taster

A one-hour drop-in class designed for you to get a taste of tango or review the basics of tango improvisation.  Come any time and bring friends! We rotate partners so no need to bring one. Staying with a partner is also welcome!  8-9pm Tuesdays @ 18th St. Lounge, 1212 18th St. NW (METRO: Dupont or Farragut North).
Cost: $15.
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Tango Initiation: 6 Week Series

Learn about balance, posture and technique for tango movement, and the unique mindset of each role.  In this course you will receive basic musical education and an introduction to improvising with a partner.  Class vocabulary includes the tango “walk”, cunitas (rock steps), the follower's cross, back ochos, basic navigational tools and introductory level adornments.
Cost: $100 (6 class package) for the whole series.
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Tango Initiation: Weekend Boot Camp

This course covers all of the material in the 6 week Tango Initiation series condensed into one fun weekend of two 3-hour sessions.  This course is a great way to dive in and get immersed in tango.  People often choose to take this in conjunction with the 6 week series for accelerated learning and integration. 
Cost: $100 for both days.
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If you are interested in registering for our Beginner Queer Tango series or Beginner Tango for Veterans series, please check out the respective sections under our Outreach Program

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