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Questions about Tango? Our FAQ below may provide the answer you are looking for.

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Questions about Tango? We have created a Mercurio FAQ that may provide the answer you are looking for. If you still have questions about tango classes, workshops, or social events, please send us an email & our virtual help desk will get back to you very soon.

+ I am a new student, where should I start?

If you're new to tango (you've taken 4 tango classes or less) please start with our Tango Initiation 6 week series or our Tango Initiation Weekend Bootcamp. If you're unsure if you want to commit to a series at this point, a Tango Taster class is a great way to test the water. Please refer to our Beginners Page for more information.

+ Do I need a partner?

Nope! Many folks come alone and make friends as they learn tango! We will also invite you to rotate throughout the class so that you can meet everyone and practice your improvisational skills, but staying with your own partner is also welcome. The exception to this is our advanced level classes in which we frequently request that you come with a partner.

+ Do I need to register for a Tango Taster class?

Nope! Just remember to bring photo ID. Eighteenth Street Lounge is strictly a 21+ venue.

+ The 6 Week Tango Initiation series has already started, should I wait for the next one?

You may join a currently running Tango Initiation 6 week series in week 2, especially if you have already attended a Tango Taster class or a Weekend Boot Camp. From week 3 onward, please wait until the next series starts, or schedule a private lesson to catch up.

+ Do I need to register online or can I register in class?

We prefer online registration but yes, you may also register in class if there is still space available. If the class is full and you do not have a reservation, we may have to turn you away.

+ Can I just drop in whenever I like?

On our Class Schedule page all drop-in and series classes are listed seperately.

+ Can I make up classes if I miss a week of a pre-registration only series?

All series classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may, however, make-up one missed class in a series at another class of the same level. Tell the instructor that you wish to make up for a missed week in your series.

+ Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, for professional artists, full-time students, and seniors 65+, our drop-in rate is $10 and registration/class cards are $50. ESL Milonga is $5 and Milonga de Luz is $10.

+ Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Please contact us for rates and availability.

+ Where can I get Tango shoes?

If you are finding that you enjoy tango even the tiniest little bit, we strongly suggest you invest in a pair of practice shoes to care for your feet and body, and allow you to move more confidently. Here are a few places to get character, ballroom, or jazz shoes, which we consider good practice shoes for tango.

If you want to try some pre-owned tango shoes, check out our Tango Shoe Exchange Page - all shoes here belong to local tango dancers who want to sell their new or used shoes at a discount.

For new dance shoes check out the following pages:

Les Gals Dance Supplies (Silver Spring store) - Ask for practice shoes or jazz shoes
Repeat Performance (Rockville store) - Ask for practice shoes or jazz shoes
Discount Dance (Mail Order) - Look for Character, Ballroom or Jazz shoes

For those who already know they want the real deal, official Tango shoes are available here:

Julia-Bella (DC/Arlington) - Comme il Faut, DNI and Debailar stiletto heels and practice shoes (women only)
Tango Boutique (Virginia) - Nueva Epoca/Werner Kern (men and women)
Diva Boutique (Mail Order) - Stilettos and dance sneakers for women
Felina Shoes (Mail Order or NYC) - Stilettos and shoes for men and women

+ Where can I get Tango music?

We have compiled a starter playlist on Spotify. Check it out!

+ I have a Special Offer (Groupon, Living Social, etc). How do I register?

Special offers may ONLY be redeemed for a Tango Initiation Weekend Bootcamp or a Tango Initiation 6-week series. Please visit our Classes to register for a course of your choice. We will send you further instructions via email.